Wednesday, February 23, 2011


MIA,just the blog...not me.

I have not stopped crafting, but I have been very busy.

I have accomplished : hat, bootie, and blankie in blue for a baby in mexico.

2.Baby hat, bootie, and sewn receiving blanket for a baby in Modesto.

3. Hats for every boy and girl in my family
Paul: Gray with blue and red stripe
John: rusty colored camo
Peter: Blue varigated
James: Caron So Soft cornflower blue
Don: Denim twist in wool ease (but he didn't like it so I got it)
Juliette: pink camo with rosette

4. Hats for the homeless  (5 men's)

5. Slippers for the associated womens shelter.

6. Almost done with a twin sized afghan

7. Low birth weight caps for "Caps for Good" through WarmUp America.   I will take photos of what I can and post.

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