Wednesday, March 30, 2011

work in progress wednesday

I decided to join the other crochet and knit blogs and share a work in progress.  I wish I could also share "finish it friday" with the same project, but this one is slow going.

After several false starts....(see pictures) I went all out and bought a whole new set of yarn and changed the pattern drastically.  I could not fine 5 shades of one color to match in order to make a monochromatic throw.  This afghan is slow slow slow going because of using homespun. Note to self, in a time crunch don't use homespun.  Also, note to self....check gauge or figure out how to do a foundation chain for any size afghan.

 The row of yarn was the original color scheme...the row of hats are finished hats for the homeless.

There is a minor problem, according to my calculation, this new afghan is as wide as a queen size bed (62").  And, it will be only about 36" wide with my current yarn supply.  oops.  I am thinking I will need to add the color pattern one more time at least 1 more time, maybe 2.  Each color pattern adds 11 inches and also at least 3 days per color pattern.  Five rows of one color per day is about all I can manage.  What would you suggest?

Friday, March 11, 2011

been busy!

I was able to stay home more days this past week which is helpful.  On Wednesday I was suprised with my husband staying home to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We went to Murphys and ate at our favorite restaurant "Grounds" and also went to three wineries to taste.  I enjoyed the daffodils everywhere.

I have been busy crafting and crafting.  I have a stack now of hats for the homeless, and I have also made a hat for my daughter.  Here are two of my most recent.  The green one is loomed and I'm very proud of it.

I am running short of yarn stash.  Here's a photo of what I have left.  Not pictured is two skeins of white and one of Navy.  I try to avoid white as it shows the dirt.

I am excited about tomorrow, we are taking a road trip to Mexico.  I plan to craft and crochet the whole 10 hr. drive as well as while we visit folks.  I expect it will be quite a social time.

here's what I am going to make when I get back.....

Last but not least, I stayed up late last night to make the green hat, and look what I found when I went to bed......

Friday, March 4, 2011

and such is life

Today was to be the only day that I have been home by  myself.  And as luck would have it, one of my kids is home sick.  He's banished to his room.  Apparently I'm crabby.

Here's what I finished last night and this morning.

This black cap is for Marcie. I tried to follow a pattern but I couldn't see the black thread. My sister says its because I'm getting old.  ha.  I made my own pattern and I like how it came out. I showed my mom and she wants one.  She's going to pick her yarn.  I need to make a gray one for Rose.  I sure enjoy doing this.

Here's a cap for Don's friend Tim.  He saw my son John's cap and wanted one just like it.  So here you go Tim.

 Finally, because I am cranky I will leave some postive highlights from my week.

A game of dominoes from Tuesday and Wednesday's trip to the pharmacy where they have beautiful gifts. I also spent time with a friend on Wednesday so that was another positive thing.

 I swear I was going to leave on a positive note but I feel so out of sorts I have to decide what I'm going to do next.  Laundry and crochet, a black and camo cap for a boy close to my heart who lives in Mexico.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I made Tim's hat, started Marcie's hat and received an "order" for another hat.  I am making Marcie's hat slouchie.  I wanted to follow a pattern but the thread was too dark to see the I went freestyle. I will pack up many small balls of yarn for my trip down south.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

more knitting and crochet and soon sewing.

I'm knitting on a washcloth to practice PURL.  its a little harder.  I switched from long needles to circular needles and that makes it a bit easier.  I still find twisting, extra stitches, holes, etc but that's the name of the game.

I have four more skeins of yarn for planned hats, then I have two afghans to make.  I can't make things fast enough!

It makes me happy to give away gifts so if you would like something just mention it.

Take care...AMY