Wednesday, March 30, 2011

work in progress wednesday

I decided to join the other crochet and knit blogs and share a work in progress.  I wish I could also share "finish it friday" with the same project, but this one is slow going.

After several false starts....(see pictures) I went all out and bought a whole new set of yarn and changed the pattern drastically.  I could not fine 5 shades of one color to match in order to make a monochromatic throw.  This afghan is slow slow slow going because of using homespun. Note to self, in a time crunch don't use homespun.  Also, note to self....check gauge or figure out how to do a foundation chain for any size afghan.

 The row of yarn was the original color scheme...the row of hats are finished hats for the homeless.

There is a minor problem, according to my calculation, this new afghan is as wide as a queen size bed (62").  And, it will be only about 36" wide with my current yarn supply.  oops.  I am thinking I will need to add the color pattern one more time at least 1 more time, maybe 2.  Each color pattern adds 11 inches and also at least 3 days per color pattern.  Five rows of one color per day is about all I can manage.  What would you suggest?

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